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A marathon for runners and drinkers

Posted on 08. Dec, 2009 by .


by Erin McCarthy

Just three miles from the New York City Marathon finish line, marathoner David Stewart ran by a group of fans holding plastic red party cups. He grabbed a beer and took a quick swig without even breaking his stride. But he was not the only one running—or drinking—that day.

Stewart is a member of the New York City Hash House Harriers, a local running club. The group set up their cheering section and “drink check” just past mile 23 of the ING New York City Marathon on Sunday. About 30 members, known as hashers, crowded along the curb of Fifth Avenue by 96th Street. The group had been there since 11 a.m. to support their club’s runners and hand out red plastic cups, of either water or beer, as they ran by.

This kind of marathon celebration represented the group’s main passions. “They call it a drinking club with a running problem,” said Andrew Ross, who is a co-chair of the group.

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